The explosive new Josh Crainey thriller The explosive new Josh Crainey thriller

Predator Prey Predator Prey

By Jamie Humm

A VIP abuse circle with everything to lose.
An East End criminal syndicate.
A driven detective.

Who's Hunting Who?

In 1999 a teenager named Colin Price from the tough, east London 'Columbia Park Estate' reports to police his years of abuse by a powerful establishment figure. Weeks later Colin is killed in a violent street robbery.

In 2001 a detective asking questions about the case is found hanged in the woods.

Nearly 20 years later the events surrounding tragic Colin Price are assigned to DS Josh Crainey and the powerful Discreet Investigation Unit, run out of the Metropolitan Police Commissioners Office.

Have the establishment covered up their crimes? If so how? And what will they do to keep their secrets buried?

As Josh Crainey looks for answers he starts to find them within the Columbia Park Estate, where the current residents face modern day battles of their own.

'Predator Prey' is the second novel by UK homicide detective Jamie Humm, and tells the story that the establishment figures didn't want you to know about.

Gangster. Thief. Police. Predator Prey
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